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Posted Monday, November 30th, at 9:36 AM (∞).

Wall Street Journal

I prefer writing like the wall street journal, because you can introduce the topic and then state the facts and close it with your opinion.  This suits my writing style, because its more precise and to the point.  I can state my opinion and find the facts I need on the story that I’m doing.

Posted Friday, October 23rd, at 11:45 AM (∞).

Lori Drew vs. United States

This court case was about a mother of a young girl made a myspace, pretending to be a guy named Josh to talk to another young girl, Megan Meier.  Lori Drew (the mom), pretending to be a boy named Josh, said hateful things to Megan and she ended up committing suicide at the age of only 13.  Some say that Lori Drew was the one that drove Megan into death but Lori didn’t suffer any jail time.  Since this was such a new thing, Missouri didn’t know how to handle it.  They tried getting her for fraud, for making a myspace using another name but besides that, they couldn’t do much.  I totally agree with most people that Lori should be in prison for life for murder.  Its a matter of opinion, but she hadn’t started talking to Megan, the young girl would still be alive.  Lori Drew should suffer what she put her through.

Posted Wednesday, September 2nd, at 9:48 AM (∞).

Why are blogs a good/bad way to get information?

I believe blogs are a good way to get information for one of two things. One being, you can learn about things out there in the world that you had no idea that was going on. Two being, that you can research and look up topics of things that interest you.  Blogs are an easy way to get to the things you need to get to and looking up other people’s opinions can sometimes help change your views on something.

Blogs can also be a bad way to get information.  Many times just because they’re someone’s opinions they could be incorrect or false.  When you’re researching for paper or an assignment, coming across false information in a blog is not what you need.  Basically, blogs aren’t very reliable when we are needing to get information.

Posted Monday, August 24th, at 9:25 AM (∞).

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